Sunday 20 September 2020, 19.00 / Pardubice, House of Music, Suk Hall

Eben Brothers

Marek Eben – singing, guitar, keyboard instruments
Kryštof Eben – keyboard instruments, flutes, singing
David Eben – saxophone, clarinet, singing
Pavel Skála – guitars
Jiří Zelenka – percussion instruments
Jaromír Honzák – contrabass, bass guitar
Original music production by the Eben Brothers

Eben Brothers – the band of the three Eben brothers and other prominent Czech musicians. This concert will present a cross section of their work starting with the first album Malé písně do tmy (1984) and finishing with the last one Čas holin (2014) whose content is becoming increasingly topical. While educated in classical music, the sons of the prominent composer Petr Eben (1929–2007) absorbed the influences of modern folk, jazz and rock. Thanks to their ability to draw on all of these sources and use a variety of unusual musical instruments, the band has a completely unconventional and on the Czech scene inimitable "Eben sound". In combination with Marek‘s exceptional lyrics, this is what makes the Eben Brothers unique on the Czech music scene.

Pardubice Music Spring