Monday 19 October 2020, 18.00 / Heřmanův městec, Synagogue

The Children of Theresienstadt and the Moustache Monster


Iuventus Cantans Children's Choir
Choirmaster Zdeněk Kudrnka
Eva Lustigová
Henriette Chardak
Screening of the French documentary film Les Enfants de Terezín et le Monstre à Moustache
Hans Krása / Adolf Hoffmeister – Brundibár (parts of the children's opera)
Discussion with Eva Lustigová and the film director Henriette Chardak

Screening of the French documentary film on Ela Stein-Weisberger who was in the Theresienstadt concentration camp (Terezín) since she was 11, playing and singing the part of the cat in the Brundibár children's opera by Adolf Hoffmeister and Hans Krása. The Iuventus Cantans Children's Choir will perform parts of this opera. After 88 years, Ela describes how she and other children dealt with the horror and omnipresent death and how using propaganda, the Nazis were advertising Theresienstadt as a "Paradise for Jews". 

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