Tuesday 29 September 2020, 18.00 / Heřmanův městec, Synagogue



Barocco sempre giovane
Gustáv Beláček – bass
Vilém Veverka – oboe
Jiří Lábus, Vilma Cibulková, Vilém Udatný – recitation
Eva Lustigová – director
J. S. Bach – Prelude to Suite No.2 in D minor for unaccompanied cello
A. Lustig – epic poem "Kantáta – tanec šílených" ("Cantata – the Dance of Madmen")
J. S. Bach – Cantata „Ich habe genug“ BWV 82

A seemingly incompatible combination of two great works of art. Johann Sebastian Bach composed the cantata Ich habe genug (I have enough) for solo bass, oboe and stringed musical instruments in 1727 based on the lyrics of an unknown author. It refers to the story of Simeon, a pious old man from the Temple in Jerusalem. It uses the motif of death as a deliverance from the world of misery and despair. Arnošt Lustig's epic poem "Kantáta" is an indictment of the most horrific crime in the history of mankind: the Shoah. Despite this, neither of these works ends in hopelessness: "Our wise men tell us that even though it is not possible not to cry, eternal crying would destroy us and make us resemble those we cry over... The future lies elsewhere, as a memory is only half existence." (Arnošt Lustig)

Pardubice Music Spring